Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NATURE: Tornado Warning

my greenhouse

beware of thorns and stickers! 
north - Prairie Hill - on the other side is Lake Lawtonka (with tornado warning)
rainbow in the east
A beautiful thunderstorm this evening turned into a sudden beeping alarm on my 
cell phone with message to take cover - our area was under a tornado warning. 
 For just a time, Zody & I sat in the closet.  The skies were very eerie, but the momentary 
glimpse of the rainbow to the east gave me peace in the storm... 


  1. Oh no!! Spring tornados? That's unusual, isn't it?
    I love a good thunderstorm with a calming rainbow at the end. Peace, yes sister.
    Is your greenhouse new? I don't remember it from last year. Groovy, baby!

  2. May is usually a turbulent weather month and there are lots of tornadoes at this time. :(
    The greenhouse is new - having a heck of time holding on to it in this wind! ha!

  3. oh, your greenhouse!!!! It looks great! I hope it will stand the winds!