Monday, May 5, 2014

READING: And a good ending....

One day in the backyard....  Do you see the bird?
 Just sharing my current reads...
 Peggy Preheim is in my top ten favorite artists.
You won't find a website or Facebook on her.
She is so hidden and reclusive.  She's like a 
tiny pearl of great price.  I had the pleasure of
seeing an exhibit of her stamp-size graphite 
drawings at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa a few
years ago.  The museum had magnifying glasses
available to view the works....
I've coveted the exhibition book ever since -
and finally ordered myself a copy.
Oh, one more thing, Peggy Preheim's work hung during a
special exhibition on the drawing medium -
Michelangelo drawings hung in the next room.
Another artist in my top ten.

Six beautiful essays by Barry Lopez.
The Poe....

One of the baby birds indeed took a tumble!!
He survived..... I'm so glad I laid down my thickest blanket
on the cement floor.  Doesn't this cute little guy deserve to fly
 into his future? :)  With the help of a ladder I got the chick back 
 into the nest.  I also saw mama bird up there later feeding 
all of her hungry crying children.  

I'd say this was a good day.


  1. Phew!! Glad you saved him/her!!

    1. Can you believe it? The blanket worked.... ? Ha!

  2. Bless your little hide!!
    For that, you get an extra special surprise in the mail.
    Truly, your thoughtfulness makes me happier than a lark!! ;)
    I'm going to check out that Barry Lopez book, too.
    Interesting and almost unbelievable about the stamp size drawings! She must be amazing. And patient and her hands probably don't shake, like mine. Ha!

    1. I call him Feather - he'll have quite the story to tell his grand-kids one day... ;)