Sunday, June 29, 2014

ARTSY: Summer Giveaway

"Hands of Light"
"Summer Fun" 

We went to Little Rock and Eureka Springs, Arkansas a couple of days ago
 and I need to share a couple of posts about it.  I was in an art exhibit
 and it was one the best experiences! 
I also got to shop in one of the biggest bead stores ever in Little Rock.  
But more on my trip in upcoming posts.

It's Greg's birthday today and we've been eating triple portions of the
home made 'Chocolate Lover' cake and peaches and cream ice-cream that I made!
We enjoyed swimming in Medicine Creek earlier. 
He's a lucky guy to have a summer birthday!

Speaking of summer - I love it!  How can I count all the ways that I love summer!?
Watermelon, flip-flops (and brightly-colored toe nails), swimming, 
lots of sun still in the evenings, cicadas singing, peaches, BBQs,,, 
I even made 5 cut offs from old jeans today!  That is my summer staple.

 So, I have been wanting to have a summer giveaway for a while now...
I've been making lots of earrings for weeks.  The last two colorful
pairs should dangle from your ears.

If you make a comment about your thoughts on summer, 
I'll know you are interested. :)  Next weekend, I'll ask Greg to draw two names.

Wish you a fun week ahead!

(p.s. I don't have an Etsy shop (yet), if you're ever interested in 
the art or jewelry that I post, just inquire in a message.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Art: Primavera

Primavera,  Mixed Media Encaustic on Panel
 Primavera means spring - the floating flowers reminded me of Botticelli primavera flowers...
I picked and pressed these flowers called 'Spring Beauty' from Prairie Hill in early spring.
Now they are preserved under wax. 

This morning the baby blue and pink sunrise 
was exquisite against Prairie Hill's silhouette.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

LIFE: First Day of Summer and a Haiku

My very own van Gogh's in the garden...

How was your first day of summer?
I hope it was lovely.

Greg and I love summer time!
,,, Our June in SW Oklahoma has been
so lovely.  Today, a rain shower came through while 
we were swimming in Medicine Creek. 
We even walked around in the rain.
I wish I could bottle the scent of summer rain
 hitting hot asphalt!  Mmmm...
There was a wedding at the 'hall' on the creek -
and men in suits were getting soaked. ha!  Greg and I had
sunshine and rain on our wedding day (October)
and we considered it a blessing.

A confession:  We are not into any sports except soccer!
Specifically the German soccer team. :)
We couldn't even sit during the Ghana vs Germany game today.
The World Cup is one of our favorite things!

 To calm the heart and stomach,,,
my latest homemade ice-cream -
freshest blueberry.

This morning...
Far as eye can see
Gathered in a field of blue
Frolicking sheep clouds

Thursday, June 19, 2014



Thinking about the Notan concept lately - the Japanese art design principle
involving the play and placement of light and dark next to each other.
Have you heard of it?

I wish you an adventurous weekend!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

LIFE: Sunset at the lake...

Mt. Scott

We enjoyed the sunset at the lake this evening...

This video will surely make you smile!

Had too much fun playing with a cicada grub! 
I've only found their molted bodies in the past - 
 but this one was turning green and probably ready to 
molt into a cicada with wings.  The loud cicada shriek
 is my favorite summer sound.  I can hear them now...

Wish you a great week!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

LIFE: First Swim in Medicine Creek

 Our first swim of summer,,, hey it's summer around here!

I'm hoping the healing waters of Medicine Creek will
heal my chigger bites.  Three weeks and new bites keep
cropping up and it drives me crazy itching!!  
Am I making you itch?  So sorry.  
There is something about these bugs that
seem to plague me!

We were waiting on our order at the local
burger joint and heard a huge crash behind us.
I looked in the other room and saw this fella on the floor!
I guess he finally had enough to drink!

Cheers to your weekend! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

NATURE: Rain Blessings

The rain was  heavenly this weekend. 

Singing for joy 
for the rain,,,

Wish you a good week ahead.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ARTSY: Some Creations

Our big orange prickly pear cactus is blooming daily...
From "Birds and Words" series... (Mixed Media)

More than half of my pieces are created for the September Art Walk.
I'm in pretty good shape for the event. 

"Summer" A collage in my mini journal.
"Hard Grace"  (Metal & Leather String)
 I'm finally starting to create earrings from the 'special' beads that
 I bought in Santa Fe.  And I made the necklace from supplies
  bought there almost 4 years ago.  Some things just take time.

Greg & I are addicted to homemade ice cream!
The Cuisine Art ice-cream maker was one of the best
purchases of my life.  It's so simple to make ice-cream.
Just takes a little prep work in a bowl and the machine 
does the rest.  And my husband is always good at the clean up.    
Every year I look forward to this cactus blooming in our yard....
It's going to be a sensation...
the next day?