Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Art: Primavera

Primavera,  Mixed Media Encaustic on Panel
 Primavera means spring - the floating flowers reminded me of Botticelli primavera flowers...
I picked and pressed these flowers called 'Spring Beauty' from Prairie Hill in early spring.
Now they are preserved under wax. 

This morning the baby blue and pink sunrise 
was exquisite against Prairie Hill's silhouette.


  1. such delicate flowers, perfect colours and artwork!

    in the past, i've not been a big fan of *pink*....but as i grow older, i see the hues in nature, and can appreciate the colour more and more....


  2. You did a nice job of placing those dainties just right under wax. Patience and tweezers!?
    Primavera is calming, zen like to me. And that sunflower is just so, so perfectly prairie!! That sunset sky, man oh man!