Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ARTSY: Some Creations

Our big orange prickly pear cactus is blooming daily...
From "Birds and Words" series... (Mixed Media)

More than half of my pieces are created for the September Art Walk.
I'm in pretty good shape for the event. 

"Summer" A collage in my mini journal.
"Hard Grace"  (Metal & Leather String)
 I'm finally starting to create earrings from the 'special' beads that
 I bought in Santa Fe.  And I made the necklace from supplies
  bought there almost 4 years ago.  Some things just take time.

Greg & I are addicted to homemade ice cream!
The Cuisine Art ice-cream maker was one of the best
purchases of my life.  It's so simple to make ice-cream.
Just takes a little prep work in a bowl and the machine 
does the rest.  And my husband is always good at the clean up.    
Every year I look forward to this cactus blooming in our yard....
It's going to be a sensation...
the next day? 


  1. I'm loving this happy, busy, creative and fun work you're up to!
    That orange cactus bloom. Come on!!!

  2. That Flower! Awesome! So nice to see what you are up to lately! Love your artwork!