Sunday, June 29, 2014

ARTSY: Summer Giveaway

"Hands of Light"
"Summer Fun" 

We went to Little Rock and Eureka Springs, Arkansas a couple of days ago
 and I need to share a couple of posts about it.  I was in an art exhibit
 and it was one the best experiences! 
I also got to shop in one of the biggest bead stores ever in Little Rock.  
But more on my trip in upcoming posts.

It's Greg's birthday today and we've been eating triple portions of the
home made 'Chocolate Lover' cake and peaches and cream ice-cream that I made!
We enjoyed swimming in Medicine Creek earlier. 
He's a lucky guy to have a summer birthday!

Speaking of summer - I love it!  How can I count all the ways that I love summer!?
Watermelon, flip-flops (and brightly-colored toe nails), swimming, 
lots of sun still in the evenings, cicadas singing, peaches, BBQs,,, 
I even made 5 cut offs from old jeans today!  That is my summer staple.

 So, I have been wanting to have a summer giveaway for a while now...
I've been making lots of earrings for weeks.  The last two colorful
pairs should dangle from your ears.

If you make a comment about your thoughts on summer, 
I'll know you are interested. :)  Next weekend, I'll ask Greg to draw two names.

Wish you a fun week ahead!

(p.s. I don't have an Etsy shop (yet), if you're ever interested in 
the art or jewelry that I post, just inquire in a message.)


  1. Chocolate lover cake!
    Why don't you guys just come out here already, and bring some with you!
    Come on. Prairie kids have to stick together.

  2. deliver the cake to red dirt [prairie girl] then drive on up to alaska, bring me the home-made peach ice cream.
    thank you.


    * love

    1. Sounds like a loooooong trip. Whew. ;)

  3. I am looking forward to the details of your trip. I am so excited about summer. I love spending time at the ocean with my little sweethearts. The earrings are beautiful. You really should start a store. I love the colors :) Thank you for this chance. You are so talented!

    1. You are lucky to be near the ocean.:) Yes, one more store wouldn't hurt...;) Thank you for the encouragement.

  4. xoxox
    {I have an old letter to you sitting on my desk in my bedroom...I'll read it. Update it. Send it {this time} very soon...I think of you warmly and often Sandra.}

    1. Much, much love to you - I see your work every day in Greg's office - the sailing knot!
      Wish you a beautiful summer.