Saturday, June 21, 2014

LIFE: First Day of Summer and a Haiku

My very own van Gogh's in the garden...

How was your first day of summer?
I hope it was lovely.

Greg and I love summer time!
,,, Our June in SW Oklahoma has been
so lovely.  Today, a rain shower came through while 
we were swimming in Medicine Creek. 
We even walked around in the rain.
I wish I could bottle the scent of summer rain
 hitting hot asphalt!  Mmmm...
There was a wedding at the 'hall' on the creek -
and men in suits were getting soaked. ha!  Greg and I had
sunshine and rain on our wedding day (October)
and we considered it a blessing.

A confession:  We are not into any sports except soccer!
Specifically the German soccer team. :)
We couldn't even sit during the Ghana vs Germany game today.
The World Cup is one of our favorite things!

 To calm the heart and stomach,,,
my latest homemade ice-cream -
freshest blueberry.

This morning...
Far as eye can see
Gathered in a field of blue
Frolicking sheep clouds


  1. Beautiful summer photos....delicious looking ice cream.....all a feast for the eyes.

    1. Thank you Sally. I hope your weekend was beautiful.

  2. beautiful summer haiku.
    plus, a photo to match.

    1. Thank you - hoping that Milo has brought sunshine to your home...

  3. Haha! Sheep clouds! Yes they are, aren't they? Baaaaaaa eutifull!! (I had to)
    Hey, that first picture. The sunflower. That amazingly, dazzling extremely stunning Van Gogh sunflower?? Tell me you'll turn it into postcards. I will buy packets.