Saturday, June 14, 2014

LIFE: First Swim in Medicine Creek

 Our first swim of summer,,, hey it's summer around here!

I'm hoping the healing waters of Medicine Creek will
heal my chigger bites.  Three weeks and new bites keep
cropping up and it drives me crazy itching!!  
Am I making you itch?  So sorry.  
There is something about these bugs that
seem to plague me!

We were waiting on our order at the local
burger joint and heard a huge crash behind us.
I looked in the other room and saw this fella on the floor!
I guess he finally had enough to drink!

Cheers to your weekend! 


  1. oh, these bites don't sound funny, but the swimming area looks wonderful! Swimming is the best, isn't it? I am an absolute water person :)

  2. lol...that's funny....good luck with the chigger bites....that like me fun!

  3. such a beautiful swimming hole….!