Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ART: Karar and Arkansas

Karar  (Encaustic on Panel)

A humbling experience - out of 1348 entries submitted, only 65 pieces were juried  
into the 56th Annual Delta Exhibition by NYC artist, Brian Rutenberg. 
 My encaustic 'Karar' brought us to Little Rock.  Here are some images of the opening.

..."artists have to crack into the surface of things."  (from Brian Rutenberg's lecture)

Packed to the gills!

One of the best experiences ever! 

The Arkansas Arts Center has several gallery rooms.
Here are some fun, modern pieces.

And in another neighboring gallery room: Renoir, Cezanne, Picasso and other masters.
 I'm secretly thrilled that my artwork is so close to them. :)
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
I saw my first Odilon Redon!!!! 
After the exhibit we went to the river walk and enjoyed the 
beautiful sunset on the Arkansas River.

We really enjoyed Little Rock!


  1. How wonderful, congratulations! Your piece looks amazing!

  2. Delta Lady!! Wow. I'm all goose bumpy for you, San.
    What an honor, indeed! That Brian Rutenberg sounds like an extraordinary man. I like what he said.
    There are a million peeps in that museum! And there you are, a sincere and humble smile lights up your face. I'm very proud of you. You really are a true artisto and I am inspired by you all the time.
    Ah...I see you are intrigued by that "snake" in that sculpture. See, they will never leave you alone. ;)
    Beautiful beautiful, all the way up to the finale of the sunset.

    1. Your words are too kind, prairie sister!

  3. such a beautiful piece of artwork!
    will it hang in the arts center for a while??