Friday, July 18, 2014

ART: Self Portrait Exhibit in NM

My self portrait (photo) is on exhibit at 
Eastern New Mexico University along with 
119 other artists self-portraits.

My statement and a little more about the show....

"If I were stripped of all labels placed on me by society and culture, 
I would simply stand as a soul seeking light.  I find myself more 
comfortable in the rhythms of nature than in the pressures of society. 
 I cannot break free of my age, gender or other identifying factors;  
 but for moments at a time, I can escape into the landscape and absorb light."


  1. so pleased for you.
    such a beautiful self-portrait….


  2. Oh, I've always loved that image. I see a certain magic in it every time I see it.
    Whoa Nelly, you came up with a statement like none other. Truly comes from the soul. Straight from the heart. So genuine.
    Are you going to Portales for some kind of opening? You know, that is one part of NM I've not visited. But, I am aware of the location.
    So proud of you, sister. x

  3. Congratulations!! Wonderful portrait & statement too. The show looks very interesting. Wish I could see it.