Saturday, July 12, 2014

LIFE: Bits from here,,,

Recently I've been tasked with fixing 'sacred' jewelry.  
This third necklace I'm re-stringing is an Indian Tulsi (Holy Basil) prayer necklace.
It gives me an idea.  Basil and cilantro stems are ripe for clipping from my garden
so I may try to cut the stems down to beads.

I'm ready for the final World Cup game tomorrow. 
 I was born a German soccer fan. 
This is mine and Greg's 3rd cup together. 

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you enjoy the game!!!


  1. ….and such wonderful jewelry!

    [beautiful you.]

  2. Beautiful photos....& you! Congratulations on winning the World Cup! It was all very exciting!

  3. Yay! (You won)
    And may I say, YOU LOOK MAHVELOUS.