Sunday, July 27, 2014

LIFE: Days

Living room light.

One morning, deer jumped out of my wild backyard.  The doe gave me a 
backward glance before sprinting up Prairie Hill with little fawn right behind her.  

Prickly Lettuce - native plant
At the Wichita Theatre
 We went on a road trip to Wichita Kansas yesterday
to see a musical, Catch Me If You Can.  It was worth the drive.

Each day is a new poem.

(Wish you a kind week ahead.)


  1. The beauty of summer... flowers and mamma and baby deer, wonderful!

  2. Beautiful! Sunflowers, summer light, deer in your backyard, & theater what more could you want!?!?

  3. What fun, hanging out with you in your house today! Pretty and cozy and perfect.
    I would spend all my time in your backyard. That wild, wild yard! The deer like it too.
    I hope they stay awhile.
    A leaf that was chewed into a heart. Only for you.
    Wichita! (May I have this dance?) You look like a lovely little character in a storybook!
    Beautiful rest of the week to you, sissy.

  4. HAHha, that last photo.

    that leaf, with the heart-shaped chewhole.

    love it all….

  5. Thank you so much for your mail! Sorry to hear about your melons! We have huge wild rabbits in our garden, but they were so kind to not eat everything up yet! Love the last photo! I am patiently waiting for my sunflowers to start to bloom :)

  6. I was invited to a blog hop and posted about it today and I invited you to continue, if you have enough time! Just read about it in my blog! xox!

  7. Gorgeous photo's !
    I followed the link on Claudias blog (wide-eyed-tree), so now you got yourself a new follower,
    i love the 'vibe' here.
    Love from Belgium,
    Carla (