Wednesday, July 16, 2014

LIFE: A dream,,,

The wall and matching bench in Norman, OK today.
I consider myself a spiritual person - it started as a child - and I don't mean in a church - 
but I don't mean I believe outside of God (or apart from Jesus or Holy Spirit).  I've had too many
deliverances and miracles from my Trinity to ever doubt.  Sometimes, I get special dreams that 
touch me to the core.  Not often, and I wouldn't mind more - but God knows what I need on 
'my journey'...  and sometimes (or occasionally) it's a symbolic dream. 

I have no idea why I have taken an interest in horses this year.  In fact, I have always been somewhat afraid of horses.  I knew that I wanted/needed to ride a horse this year - so Greg surprised me with a horse-riding lesson for my birthday (in March).  I remember not washing up that evening because I wanted the smell of horse sweat on me while falling asleep - I wanted to dream about their speed, strength and beautiful spirit.  I must have been too exhausted for dreaming that evening.

But,,, Tuesday morning's dream:  I was riding a dark horse in the woods and it was already dark -
 I felt very uncomfortable of course and especially when the horse took a high jump without me controlling it.  It suddenly became pitch black in the woods and I couldn't see a thing -
I could only feel the horse running beneath me and I held on - thinking all I can do
 is trust this horse.   It felt so real when I woke up - I mean, my spirit must have really done this.  

The horse is a symbol of grace and strength to me.  I'm still gripped by this intense dream 
and mainly feel the message is TRUST.

And I can't help but think of all the times God my Father has gotten me through a dark journey
safely to the other side...


  1. What an interesting dream! Do you ever have lucid dreams?

  2. I love this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!
    It was as if I myself was in that dream too, being carried away by black beauty.
    This is definitely the year of the horse, in many ways, for both of us.
    Wow. That makes me extremely happy, San!
    Now I suppose, you have riding fever. Again.
    Choose a black one this time! :)

  3. oh, wow.
    i love this.
    most of all, i love your honesty, your standing firm in what you believe.
    *trust* is so important.
    your post has a message for me……..