Tuesday, July 22, 2014

LIFE: Something new!

My new toy arrived today!  My husband who is good with manuals got it set up in no time
and I made two mini pillow cases for practice.  This one is filled with my home-grown
cotton!  If it's lumpy, it's because I left some of the seeds buried in the cotton.  I'm
sending my 'first-fruits' to my sewing mentor and inspiration, Lily.

It's good for the brain to learn new tricks right?


  1. Ha! I've got the same machine! (As if you're surprised)
    Janome is a snap. Simple & sturdy and she purrs.
    Is that fabric Indonesian? LOVE IT!!
    Lily will treasure her homegrown cotton & seeds pillows. Very cool.
    Have fun!

  2. Lovely! I bought my first own sewing machine when I was 25. It is always good to try something new! Have fun!!!

  3. oh, my.
    i'm so jealous.
    and i'm coveting.
    i've been sewing since i was a wee child, and still create my own clothing.
    maybe i need a janome....

    love your new pillow!