Friday, August 22, 2014

ART: Lesson at the LFSAC - 75 drawings and a large painting....

I had a super time last night leading a group art activity at the
 Lawton Fort-Sill Art Council.  The creative energy was wonderful.

My objective for the group was to have a fun,
hands-on creative experience (not just another demo).  
Also, the negative critic who whispers "you can't," "this is hard" or 
"that looks stupid," had to be left outside the door!  It was not invited in! :)

This 'lesson' had to be approached like a child receiving a large sheet of paper and crayons!

Simply enjoy the painting experience!!!

Above is my raven which I worked out over the weekend.
My idea for a large painting came from Leigh Hyams book -
She suggested painting a 6-foot gorilla. But I improvised and
threw out some other black animal ideas.... like a bear, panther, 
bird, beetle, cat, even a butterfly...

Great 'art plays'
Another bird of mischief....?
My quick demo of a 'wash painting'...
Before the large painting portion, we spent some time drawing.  Well 4 minutes worth.
I read 75 words to them spaced 4 seconds apart.  They had to draw their first thoughts.
There were lots of giggles with words such as leg, Mona Lisa, ballerina....
Try this some time - it's lots of fun and will make your brain neurons fire like crazy.
  Have a friend or your spouse read these words 4 seconds apart.
Think doodle but highly communicative. :)

1                      Hand
2                     Thunder
3                     Boat
4                    Tree
5                     Shoe
6                    Oklahoma
7                     Guitar
8                    Scissors
9                    Clouds
10                  Train
11                   Fish
12                  House
13                  Rollercoaster
14                  Open book
15                  Dog
16                  Cactus
17                  Swimming
18                  Door
19                  Corn on cob
20                 Flower
21                  Piano
22                 Brain
23                 Bottle of wine
24                 Mountains
25                 Ear
26                 Bird
27                 Coffee mug
28                 Pond
29                 Horse
30                 Credit card
31                  Caterpillar
32                 Envelope
33                 Birthday cake
34                 Mouth
35                 Computer
36                 Banana
37                 Church
38                 Fork
39                 Box
40                Spider
41                  Chair
42                 Hammer
43                 Leg
44                Mona Lisa
45                 Vase
46                Truck
47                 Candle
48                Eye
49                Postage stamp
50                 Hat
51                  Window
52                 Ring
53                 Cell phone
54                 Star
55                 Ice cream
56                 Rock
57                 Beach ball
58                 Snake
59                 Boots
60                Self-portrait
61                  Bird nest
62                 River
63                 Bicycle
64                Ballerina
65                 Giraffe
66                Rain
67                 Key
68                Bald man
69                Bread
70                 Lion
71                  Building
72                 Lizard
73                 Pencil
74                 Egg
75                 Gorilla

I think my bug is missing a leg. lol
Have a fun weekend. And I leave you with a few words of inspiration from Leigh Hyams:

"I feel strongly that artists are valuable human beings.  Artists are people keeping the   
world alive.  Actively using the creative parts of ourselves affects our value structures 
and our attitude toward living a life of integrity in this complicated world.  
With all our tics and mistakes, we are still spots of health on the planet."

"Why do I draw and paint?  It holds me on earth.  It makes me feel closer
 to both the world around me and the one inside myself."

Seriously, every artist should get this book for the art shelf!
You will love it.....


  1. I'm so down with this exercise!
    What a fun thing you did for your group.
    You are THE ARTISTO of all of Oklahoma!!!

    1. Make sure to change the Oklahoma to Wyoming, prairie sister to the north. ;)