Sunday, August 17, 2014

NATURE: In Yellow...

Some recents delights in my yard.
The baby collard lizard was a nice surprise - I've seen a few adults in our yard over the years,
but never a baby.  He was so cute and cooperative as I took pictures of him! 

Every year some species is abundant - and I'm happy to announce that this year has been
the year of the BUMBLE BEE!  They have been partying on my sunflowers
all summer long.  

That same praying mantis has appeared in the same sunflower for a week now.
He's used to me.  Even prays for me I think.

What cool things are you seeing in your  summer yard?


  1. so wonderful, all these insects.
    ….and you captured their colours quite beautifully.

  2. Yellow is so "summery". I love summer!!
    And that lizard, man I wish we had them around here. He is a perfect striped piece of work.
    We are seeing plenty of bees. Oh, that makes me happy. And we had to "relocate" a wasp that started building a mud hut under our door. I hope she's not too mad at me.
    What a time we're all having, huh??