Saturday, August 9, 2014


Flag - Jasper Johns
Target with Four Faces - Jasper Johns

Just a few works from the Museum of Modern Art.
I was particularly looking forward to seeing Van Gogh's
Starry Night.  It did not disappoint!!

Also, Jasper Johns is an important artist to me -
he's considered the "father of modern encaustic."

I thought the MOMA had a Gustav Klimt - but
it was on loan or stored.  I got a serendipitous tip
from a museum worker though that there was a
 museum on 86th street which had several Klimts.
He's in my top ten favorite artists and I've never 
seen one of his works in person as most of them are 
in Austria.  I was in for a huge wonderful surprise 
because the beautiful Adele Bloch-Bauer lives at 

She brought tears to my eyes and it was hard 
to leave her glorious golden presence.

This picture is from a card. Photography was not allowed.
There were several other Klimts and it was so enjoyable.


  1. Your excitement about these artists and their paintings, well, it kind of brought tears to MY eyes!
    The paintings you chose to share here are most intriguing, I'm so happy to see them.
    I especially like the one with the lion. Is it an African theme? (Duh)
    And so peculiar and cool at the same time is the fur lines cup and spoon! Ha! Must have looked awesome in person. And of course the Frida one.
    So happy you got to 86th street to thrill you some more!

  2. you certainly chose some excellent pieces of art to share with us!
    i love every one of them….
    but my favourite *favourite* is the van gogh.

    so glad for you, to get out and see the world, and bring it back to us.


  3. I got tears in my eyes when I first saw "Starry Night" & I share the same favorite artists or at least some of them....I have so many! Isn't the Neue Gallery a treat.... Loved going there.... & yes love Jasper John! Thanks for the visit to MOMA always happy to be there even via the web!!