Sunday, September 21, 2014

ART: Annual Medicine Park Art Walk & Flute Festival


It was a perfect Art Walk again this year. 
I met wonderful people and was surrounded by 
beautiful art, fine crafts and native flute music.

The cherry on top of this weekend,,, 
Greg surprised me with my third flute!!!  
A maple wood, D-keyed beauty!

I'm very blessed.


  1. look at beautiful and artsy you look!
    and so happy....a new flute!!
    wish i could have attended the artwalk....

    1. Thank you. You would enjoy this southern charming community.... :)

  2. Man, that rock wall! What a great place to set up!
    All your wares look so perfect against the black, too. (Is it velvet?)
    You sure look adorable, the talented & sparkly local artist!
    And I KNEW you wouldn't leave without a flute.
    That Greggers knows what your heart desires. A maple D!

    1. When we packed up and I went to sit down in the car seat - there was a flute in my seat! That man. All weekend I said I was going to be strong and not buy a flute... lol He spoils me.