Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DREAM: Fear Not

I woke up to this dream this morning:

A rattlesnake was slithering near my sister-in-law and her son.
It was so close to their faces and I was screaming for them
to move.  They moved and were unharmed.  Then the same snake
slithered onto my step-dad, but Pops, with his typical fearless
approach (paid no attention to my frantic screaming) and 
just kind of smirked at the snake while watching it slide
over his shoulder, chest and then off his back and away.
It actually slithered on down the road!!
It did not harm him.

When I have a 'special' dream I know it.  It's filled with a
spiritual message and brings clarity.  What did I get from this?
My dad's response was NO FEAR and so the snake had no power 
or desire to harm him.  It left him alone.  

I (we) are just too afraid of things....
Imagine the powerful and free life we could live....
Walk like Jesus through a crowd that was ready to throw him
off a cliff.  Walk through fangs...

It's pure coincidence that last September right around this time, 
I experienced a rattlesnake slithering in the grass next to my feet. 
 It was pure grace that I didn't get bit. The snake knew I was there. 
 It felt my heat, but it went right passed me.  Once I realized though, 
it was a rattler going by, I screamed and ran like crazy.

Today, I placed the painted rattlesnake rock in the exact spot 
in the backyard where my miracle happened last year...

Today,  I've been thinking about this dream and its message
about walking without fear...  

We all know what we need to walk through...

Much love.


  1. I missed this story somehow.
    But, I LOVE this story immensely!

  2. yes. lean into the difficulties, feel them, let them wash away.
    we have strength….given to us….grace and strength and peace….