Monday, September 22, 2014

NATURE: Brutal Beauty

"Mt. Scott of September"  (Photography & Encaustic w/Flower)
I get to see this rugged granite mountain every day.  It's just to our west in the
Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge.  Greg & I once bouldered from the base to the top.   
Over the years I've explored parts of this mountain and other trails and mountains
in the refuge with friends, family, groups and with Greg and even by myself...

Yes, years ago (I suppose I felt fearless and invincible) I would
 hike deep into the refuge and boulder to the tops of mountain ridges.  
I would spend 5-6 hours at a time exploring an area.  Sometimes I would mark the 
boulders with colored chalk to find my way back to a trail or to my car.
I was very foolish to hike alone.  

The news reported that a man disappeared in the refuge on Friday night, 
and today they found him - dead.  It's very tragic and sad.  
He was camping and hiking by himself.   

Though the refuge is filled with natural beauty and life, 
it's also brutal, wild and deadly.  

Never hike alone. 


  1. brutal yet beautiful.

    i remember feeling so very invicible when younger.
    now, more cautious, more appreciative of this precious life....

    1. We need to stick around,,, other people count on us, and love us.... :)

  2. Oh. That's very sad. What can happen in the wilds, when you're by yourself.
    What happened? Did he get hurt? Fall? Get lost?
    I'm sorry for him. I'm sorry for his fam. He was just out enjoying nature, alone. What a shame.
    Thanks for sharing this story, Sis.

    1. I still have not seen anything in the news as to the cause. But I will ask a friend who may know...
      It's a strange feeling for me,,, when something like this happens in "my" beloved refuge. Peace to his family & friends.