Thursday, September 18, 2014

NATURE: Friendly Guy

I was going to pick this flower,,, when I saw him.
Meet Zody.
I have horrible hands, but he's a great model. :)

He really was friendly... I should have carried him down Prairie Hill
and placed him in my garden.  But I put him back in the flower where
I found him.  Often mantises stay in the same area, so there's a chance
I'll meet him again on my next walk up the hill.


  1. What a beautiful and graceful sweet thing. He looks like a friendly snap pea. ;)
    Such a neat creature. I'm glad you put him back. You're so good in nature, that way. ;)

  2. yes, so glad you returned him to his flowerhome.
    and i don't believe you: you have WONDERFUL hands.