Sunday, September 28, 2014

NATURE: The prairie has gone to seed...

Mixed prairie grasses with their colorful seed petals... 

Dissecting a yucca pod...

Everything is dying to give seed.....

Just as beautiful as the spring prairie flowers,
so too, are the various grasses 
which turn purple, yellow and orange
in autumn....

Wish you a good week!


  1. This series is marvelous! The coming and going, the beginning and the end, to start anew!
    You're such a prairie hill botanist. Will you save the seeds? Will you add them to encaustics?
    Taking apart the yucca pods, such beauties. I've got a bouquet of them on my table!
    I'm crazy about them.

    1. Yes, I'm contemplating waxing those yucca seeds. ;) The seeds are fascinating,,,, reminds me of a filing cabinet filled with sheets of paper. :)

  2. Love all these amazing seeds….they are so beautiful in their own way….