Monday, September 1, 2014

NATURE: September is here...

I love September, but I would like to have three of them in a row
because I'm not fond of the cool seasons that follow.

This month starts the long goodbye to summer
and we'll be entering the Indian summer season soon- 
this land is perfect in this season.

Greg & sons at the beach (lake)
I love swimming and all this month I'll still be able
to enjoy the lake and creek,,, 

Happy September to you.


  1. happy september to thee, also!

    our leaves are all changing colours - gold, rust, deep dark red - alongside all the evergreens.
    the air temp is changing, also.
    winter is scooting not-winter over to take her seat for the next six months.


    1. Sounds beautiful there. Do you like the cold/winter season?

  2. These are beautiful September photos. Have fun at the lake sounds wonderful!