Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NATURE: Wrapping up September...

 somehow i've reconciled the season (summer) gone...
oh, it's still warm and sunny here - but mentally i'm heading forward,
and the wind can drive the chaff from my soul...
finishing the circle around prairie hill 
i saw deer on the western horizon, and they saw me
they disappeared where the sun set
on the last day of September.


  1. bless you for this sweet post.
    bless those deer for making an appearance and then an exit.

  2. Helloooo pretty deer! Goodbye summer. :(
    (Hehe) just joking. I really like autumn and I think this prairie is going to see an Indian summer....
    I could stare at that last image all day.

  3. It is still summer like here so it is fun for me to experience fall through your photos….so pretty!