Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ART: Encaustic and October Exhibit

Forest Rest, Encaustic Collage on Panel
Feed My Sheep, Encaustic Collage on Panel 

Artists of Medicine Park Exhibit at the WMWR, Visitor Center

Some recent pieces (above) and I'm in a group art show this month.

Prairie Meditation, Encaustic with Watercolor on Panel

Coming up this weekend I'll be at the local Farmer's Market
 selling mixed media art & jewelry.  I look forward to sitting 
among the delicious eggplants and magical pumpkins. :)

 Harvest Festival 
Lawton Comanche Fairgrounds
Saturday, October 25th, 7:30a-1:00p


  1. Look at all your neat art. Is that a painting of prairie hill? Oil? Acrylic? Very nice.
    So, you're going to be surrounded by magic pumpkins and market gaieties. (Is that a word?)
    I miss farmers markets. The very first ever farmers market began in the town my mom and dad live in. SLO, Ca. It's a gas!! Talk about flowers and vegetables and fruit! Holy cow.
    Have fun. Sell lotsa stuff. Wish I could go.