Sunday, October 12, 2014

NARURE: Climb a mountain, build a cairn and climb a cairn....

i built a cairn on the bug's pinnacle
then the bug climbed on top of the cairn
it was very amusing

 we saw the most unusual spider
looked like a piece of candy
poisonous though?

 i just noticed today that my hiking stick
has natural designs in it
a rattlesnake perhaps 
or two?

we had a great hike in the wildlife refuge.

Wish you a calm week ahead!


  1. that bug must have had a mission he was know, a spiritual journey of sorts....

    your walking stick!'s been anointed and marked, to keep you safe while out hiking!
    [i'd like to believe that, anyway....]

  2. Ha... love the climbing bug- build it higher and they will come, or something like that! The spider reminds me of a shell pattern and your hiking stick looks intentionally decorated - cool!

  3. A rattlesnake...and a mountain peak. That's what I say.
    Oh, it looks heavenly out your way!