Sunday, October 26, 2014

NATURE: Mostly walks around Prairie Hill

A prairie garter snake traveled through our wild back yard, 
or maybe it has made a permanent home here... not poisonous
 or aggressive (and pretty) so it's welcome to stick around.


I can't get enough of the sunsets lately.
I walk Prairie Hill at this time just to see 
the last burn in the sky and in the lake.... 

I've also been spooking a lot of deer.
And I think about the coyotes that roam this
way and it makes me walk a little faster. ha.

We celebrated our anniversary this week.
I love him so.

Craziest thing I have found yet on Prairie Hill. 1+5 = $6

Something I made for the table which was inspired by
this moment in my backyard (July)....
Though it's more of an autumn scene now.

Wish you a HAPPY week!


  1. You made a terrarium with DEER!! Oh how I wish the deer were my spirit animal. With their grace and gentleness. But,bit is not to be so. It's the OWL, through and through. :)
    Six bucks. Not bad, for a found prairie object. Get a latte with that. Hehe
    I like your snake, ma'am.

  2. hi Sandra,
    I love your terrarium ... I want to create one and fill it with woodland wanderers & gathered treasures ♥
    thank you for the inspiration!