Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NATURE: Retreat

October,,, I wanted to do less, close to nothing,,, like a Sabbatical of sorts,,,but
I've done quite a bit.  I mean I work full-time and often feel like I 'art' full time.

It's mid-month and I'm finally doing a little less, and I feel I'm receiving more,,,
I'm easing into "resting by still waters" and it's very balancing to my spirit, soul and body. 
Oh, something's always a little off,,, chaos is part of life, is in nature,,, 
but there are calms and retreats. 

A small fall break is coming up and I'm excited to go on a road trip with my honey.
Enjoy the peace of autumn, dear friends.


  1. have a good and restful time away from the busyness of "life"....

    see you upon your return !!


  2. Namaste, my sister.
    Where ya going? :) :)