Monday, October 20, 2014

TRAVEL: Austin, Texas

Austin is fun!  I feel comfortable here, maybe because I once lived near here for twelve years....
We dined, we shopped (I bought that prairie dress on the right!), we visited the
Bob Bullock Texas History Museum, we walked 6th street.
It's only a six hours drive from our SW, Oklahoma. 
A friendly neighbor - Texas.


  1. Love the cowboy boots! Such a beautiful range of colours!

    1. So expensive Lily! I have a pair, so I could resist :)

  2. You are officially a prairie girl when you wear that dress! Man, they've got some fancy boots, don't they?
    Do you already own a pair of snazzy cowboy boots?
    Every time you and G go somewhere, you always dine at the best places! Wow, that pasta dish. The presentation!
    Looks like a very fun, hip place. I've heard stories. :)
    I know they have a great music scene. Did you go hear anyone?
    So glad you had fun. And I didn't know you lived near Austin.
    So, yer a little bit Texan an' a little bit prairie. Not a bad combo!

    1. Yes, ma'am, I have a good pair of cowboy boots. This boot store smelled of heavenly leather.
      We heard the sounds of local bands or musicians in the Austin air.... wafting out of restaurants, cafes and bars.... And, I'm a Texokie! :)

  3. when i looked at that photo of the two dresses, i was hoping you'd say you had purchased one of them, or both….