Sunday, November 30, 2014

ART: Bug Boy

"Bug Boy"  (Vintage photo, bug and encaustic)

This naughty boy is about to scare his classmate with a giant beetle!

This is my first bug under beeswax.  This is how I found the bronze beetle many years ago -
with a missing wing, exposing an emerald green body - all metallic.


  1. that's one amazing beetle.

    the more i see of your encaustic work, i want a photograph of mine "finished" in this manner. it's a vintage photo of my grandmother mamie, as a young girl....i think you could enhance the photo....

    1. I am curious to see it! Would e-mail me a copy of the picture?

  2. The look on that kids face! Hahaha. Like he's going to shove that beetle right at that sweet girl.
    Your encaustics are out of this world amazing!
    I'm so, SO lucky to have a couple of my very own! (None with bugs tho- just birds! Heehee)
    Marie's Mamie DOES need some of your magic bees wax!!! ;)