Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ART: Encaustic Vintage Portraits

Prairie Girl with Dog, Encaustic Vintage Photo
For some time I've been collecting antique & vintage photos.
I can't resist 'adopting' these whimsical and special people.... 
though it brings a tinge of sadness to think 
these 'orphan' photos end up in antique stores,,, 
and in the hands of strangers. 

In my hands I hope to revive their uniqueness & beauty.
I've been mounting portraits to sized panels and preserving
them with encaustic medium.   

Best Friends, Encaustic Vintage Photo 
 I'm working on an entire series and have an up-coming show
in May of next year.  When I was offered the show from the
gallery I knew exactly what I wanted to exhibit...
So I'm in the midst of the creative search and work
season of this - and I love it so.  

Treasure trove of antique portraits in Austin, TX.
A friend asked me to cover her  parent's portrait
in encaustic. The cross is also under wax.

A beautiful quote by Leigh Hyams:

"I feel strongly that artists are valuable human beings.  Artists are
people keeping the world alive.  Actively using the creative parts
of ourselves affects our value structures and our attitude toward
living a life of integrity in this complicated world.  With all our
tics and mistakes, we are still spots of health on the planet."


  1. It is sad, isn't it? Was there no one left in the family to pass them on to? Didn't anybody care?
    Oh, this series is a thoughtful & caring one. One to make you stop and really think about the past.
    Others who lived long before we were even born. What were THEIR lives like?
    That prairie gal and her dog. Isn't that a telling photo? The dress, the delirious dog, her hairdo... ;)
    Congrats on the May show. It's gonna be a doozy!

    1. You are always so sweet and supportive, prairie sister. :) Thank you.