Sunday, November 23, 2014

ART: Rose in Gold

"Rose in Gold," Tintype Photo w/Encaustic 

This is my first Civil War Tintype photo under encaustic.
I also finally used the gold encaustic block that 
I bought almost 9 months ago in Santa Fe!  

The tintype is already dark, and with a layer or two 
of wax it becomes even more obscure... maybe that's
why I like it...?  I wonder whose sweetheart she was?
I bought her off of Etsy and named her Rose.  Had Greg
 cut a wood panel in the exact shape of the picture.  
She is going into the May exhibit along with many other
portraits/landscapes spanning two centuries.  The wax is 
curing over Rose and many of the others, but these antique 
photos are going to have their shining moment again
in a few months.   

I was thinking today that making art is like giving birth!
You have conceive and push,,, work and labor to create
and name something out of nothing.


  1. This wonderful portrait of "Rose" is so beautiful. I am just enchanted by this process of covering old photos with encaustic. It is such a beautiful effect. I also like your thoughts on making true!

  2. Rose...she was somebody's everything.
    Love her.
    That SF gold block. Truly special in itself!!