Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ART: A special necklace...

"Berta, Dora & Frieda," Vintage Photo w/Encaustic (necklace)  
I've always loved this extremely small photo of my mother 
(center and about 17 y.o.) with her two sisters on either side.  
It's very enlarged above.  I cut the picture further down to a small postage 
size and glued it to a permanent wood panel.  Sealed it with beeswax  
and specked it with some color.  My aunt Betsy on the left passed
away this August, so this is a way to keep her, my mom and aunt
Frieda close to my heart.... Also, this picture was taken by the
lake where I grew up in Senden, Germany.  It's where I learned how to
swim and ice skate... it's also the first landscape I fell in love with. 

Playing in the studio . . .

 "You can't experiment and be flawless at the same time." -Nick Bantock

Also,,, this is such a precious little book I like to gaze upon.


  1. The little picture of the three sisters. I can see why you love it so.
    Your mom!
    Just precious. And I can't stop looking at the specks of colors you through in there. It adds so much. SO PRETTY!!
    And now, I'm going over to Amazon to look up that Wild Surrender book that I'm positive I'm going to purchase!!! Thanks for that.
    Happy lovely thanksgiving day to you and G and Z. And all creatures that roam PH especially the deer. ;)

  2. Lovely tiny painting pendant. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Many blessings to you!

  3. so very much loving your artwork.

    hope you had just the best and most blessed thanksgiving!