Sunday, November 16, 2014

LIFE: Saturday/Sunday and earlier

We got a new sailboat - yup in winter.
Talk about planning for summer... :)
It's a small 13' Zuma - which will let us
splash through Lake Lawtonka next year.
 It was sunny and 54 degrees on Saturday so we
  quickly got the boat wrapped for winter hibernation.

It's 25 degrees and snowing.... 
my backyard & Prairie Hill looks like this today.
Not a day goes by when the deer don't visit. :)
 The post oaks are dropping acorns like crazy for food.
On the Prairie, I would say this was the year of the rabbit and the deer.

Oh yeah, on Wednesday, I felt my second earthquake in Oklahoma.  
It was around 4pm and I was sitting at my work desk 
and felt the wobble under my chair! 
 It was the 4.8 coming down from Kansas.


  1. Congratulations on the boat!! Love the rusty colors of winter on the prairie. Do you have deer tics that carry lyme disease in your area?

    1. I think Lyme is more of an issue in eastern Oklahoma.

  2. You've got good medicine from the good company of rabbits and deer. Lucky little prairie schooner!!
    Nice boat. One fleeting thought, one fleeting afternoon, C and I wanted to chuck it all and just live on a sailboat. Go from port to port. Go visit Jimmy Buffett!! Hahaha!
    You got an earthquake AND snow?? Yuk!
    I like your Frankie. And your deer. Makes me smile. :)

    1. Greg would like to visit Jimmy too! :)

  3. Hallo Sandra! What a beautiful and inspirational life you've carved out for yourself. When we went to school together, you were always so creative. I absolutely love your pictures and artwork. I would love to buy some of your work! My cell is 734 546 5729. Text me sometime.
    Chuck (Donnell) Chambers

  4. Great news with the boat! Can't wait to see the adventures you will make with it!
    Here we had no snow so far, but it is very grey and quite cold.
    Earthquakes are so freaky :(

    1. This was a very early snowfall for us! November can still be warmish here - but looks like things are changing. :(

  5. oh, my! snow??! or heavy frost?
    at least you have a new boat for the dreamin'....