Saturday, November 29, 2014

NATURE: Hiking....

 Probably one of the most interesting nests I've ever come across -
 this one had its base constructed of a snakeskin.

We left out of our backdoor and into the wildlife refuge - 
nearly 5 hours & 18 miles round trip on foot, we returned
exhausted and Greg ended up with 3 blisters on his foot.
I put my brand new Merrell hiking shoes to the test and
they get an A+.  And yes, that is a small jar of Merlot
up there! ha!  
Sitting with a family of trees...



  1. Thank you for your lovely snail mail! I hope mine arrives also! Love your little trips! And the family tree picture with you in the middle!!! The nest is weird! Nature is so great!

    1. Nature is great indeed! I received your wonderful mail this weekend! We were thinking of each other at the same time. :) Thanks a bunch.

    2. :) Yes I thought the same, when I got your letter ;)

  2. Beautiful. An amazing nest! Was that one nest on top of another? Looked like it in a way cause of the snakeskin contruction on the bottom and then the stick construction on top. Do you know who built it?

    1. It seems whatever bird built it stared coiling the bottom with the long snakeskin molt then added twigs, etc... I like the resourcefulness of birds :). My neighbor who has a cotton farm, brought me a nest that was stuffed with cotton. :)

  3. so wonderful, that family of trees.
    and how lovely, carrying wine in a jar.
    glad your new merrells held up well.