Monday, December 22, 2014

A few favorites . . .

From our NYC trip this summer
A little elephant my boss and his wife brought back from India 
"New Home" Adobe 
A friend told me I needed to put one of my nests in the Christmas tree. 
From a dear friend!
Today is our house anniversary - 
three years ago just a few days before Christmas
we moved into our home and settled on the
prairie hills of Medicine Park!  

We have a Christmas tree tradition or two,,,
We harvest an invasive cedar from the hill
and we like to find a special ornament 
whenever we travel to add to our tree. 
It brings back good memories.

Some of the ugly, plastic ornaments are
slowly rotating from the back of the tree
 to trash. lol.   

Wish you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas week.


  1. Haha! I have two plastic elves with creepy faces and broken arms that I always sneak on the tree when Chad's not looking. He's always saying "don't put those on the tree this year", hehe, but I always do! :)
    Love that nest. Truly! And everything else about your invasive christmas tree.
    Sweet prairie sis o' mine, have a lovely week and I hope some deer, with their big brown eyes, show up on Christmas morning for you to see! No need to unwrap! ;)

  2. that sweet little tree!….it's so perfect.

    peace and love to you, dear one. xo