Sunday, December 14, 2014

A gift from the hill...

We had a little rain fall this morning, then wind, 
then Miss Sunshine came to visit later in the day.

And so the big clouds descending on the other side 
of Prairie Hill beckoned to me....

The hill had a gift for me!!!
A tiny skull with perfect tiny teeth,,,
and this one also had a blade of grass
protruding from its heart-shaped opening.

"My God, I pray better to you by breathing.  I pray better
to you by walking than talking." - Thomas Merton

~ B l e s s i n g s   o n   y o u r   w e e k. ~


  1. We should all do more walking than talking. ;)
    That sky and your intuition led you to that bone gift! Could it be a little fox? Coyote? It's awfully small, what could it be?
    Lucky you. :)

    1. May have been a juvenile,,, I think it was a rabbit. Which is new in my skull repertoire. lol

  2. ….and, AMEN to this prayer.

    [that little skull, with that blade of grass. IT is a prayer, in and of itself.]

    1. I agree. The last skull I found had a blade of grass in it too! That's whats so cool... :) Oh, I kept the blades in the jaws just as I found them.