Saturday, December 20, 2014

A poem...

I'm going to read a poem a day in 2015 (already started :) 
and hopefully it will inspire me to write a poem 
a week without too much self- judgement. 

~     ~     ~

You, Reader

I wonder how you are going to feel 
when you find out
 that I wrote this instead of you,

 that it was I who got up early 
to sit in the kitchen
 and mention with a pen

 the rain-soaked windows,
 the ivy wallpaper, 
and the goldfish circling in its bowl.

 Go ahead and turn aside, 
bite your lip and tear out the page, 
but, listen — it was just a matter of time 

before one of us happened 
to notice the unlit candles 
and the clock humming on the wall. 

Plus, nothing happened that morning — 
a song on the radio, 
a car whistling along the road outside —

 and I was only thinking 
about the shakers of salt and pepper 
that were standing side by side on a place mat.

 I wondered if they had become friends 
after all these years 
or if they were still strangers to one another 

like you and I 
who manage to be known and unknown 
to each other at the same time — 

me at this table with a bowl of pears, 
you leaning in a doorway somewhere 
near some blue hydrangeas, reading this. 

From The Trouble with Poetry: And Other Poems, by Billy Collins 


  1. Great poem! I will look forward to yours....wonderful idea reading 1 a day & then writing 1 a week....

  2. Really like Billy. Chad has all his books. I've never heard that poem before. But, I think it has to be my favorite one now!!
    So, how disciplined you are, to set aside time and thought for a poem per day. know you always amaze and inspire. You know!
    Did you do that with haiku at one time, too?
    Your little lights laying about on that table look so pretty!
    Lovely Sunday to you and G and Z.

    1. DOesn't his poem say it all? ;) Disciplined? ah, scary word.... At this point I have good intentions. The haikus come in spurts. lol But just maybe if this pot keeps getting stirred, something of regular poetry may come out? :)

  3. a grand idea, sandra!!
    i think i shall attempt to read one poem a day, also.
    i used to write poetry. maybe this will rebirth an old pleasure.

    bless you....thank you....for this and all your lovely posts....