Sunday, December 7, 2014

NATURE: Mostly trees & nests....

"It is not our job to remain whole.  We came to lose our leaves like the trees, 
and be born again drawing up from the great roots." -Robert Bly

Said the smallest tree on the prairie to the bird,,,,
'Why, it would be an honor for you to build a nest in me.'

And that is why I consider the latest nest I found among one of the unique ones!
A bird decided a tiny tree of a mere 3 feet would be perfect.... 
overlooking the lake on the south side of Prairie Hill.

My explorations were cut short as I heard gunshots from the
other side of the lake!  That's why I have not seen deer lately.
Hide, hide, hide my deer friends and be well.  Not sure about the
hunting on the non-wildlife refuge side.  It seems too close
to where people (I) live! Geesh. Anyway, with my brown
teddybear coat I figured I better get out of there before I get
shot like an animal.  I have mixed feelings about hunting.
There is too much soul in some of these animals for me.
Even a beautiful turkey is up there now with me.
Eat fish and vegetables mostly and be happy.

And what's this?  Greg bringing home an invasive cedar tree from
Prairie Hill.  Do I like trees cut down? No. But I feel better about
this species becoming a 'Christmas' tree (mostly for Greg) since
Oklahoma spends millions on eradicating it from the prairies.

~   P  E  A  C  E    ~


  1. I read this three times. I stared at those pictures and smiled. I laughed and adore your teddy bear coat! You write so lovely, so thoughtfully. Deer friends. Turkeys. Fish & vegetables. Those Long Necks at the end. It all made me feel so delighted, all warm and fuzzy, like a teddy bear coat, this morning.
    Peace out there to you, too.

  2. ahh, that last photo.
    and greg….hauling home the holiday tree….


  3. I found out that the vireo builds nests in short trees. :)