Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tenacious as all...

From a window at work....
One of my favorite campus trees has just about lost all its leaves...
I also found it again,,, one perfect acorn still hanging on a limb.
Missed by a squirrel?  Stronger than the Oklahoma wind!
It's tenacious as all....
If it were to drop, I would like to turn over every leaf just to
 find it and dip it in gold....  a medal for hanging on so long.
But maybe this acorn is the seed for future trees?
It's tenacious as all.


  1. tenacious. such a good word.
    and those leaves!….how wonderful [for the spirit!] to see such colour in the midwinter dark.


  2. I'm going to find you an acorn. Somehow, somewhere!!
    I can tell you are delighted by this scene, the gold tree and all her wet leaves finally falling.
    It looks like it's still autumn there. So pretty.
    TGIF prairie sister! :)