Sunday, November 30, 2014

ART: Bug Boy

"Bug Boy"  (Vintage photo, bug and encaustic)

This naughty boy is about to scare his classmate with a giant beetle!

This is my first bug under beeswax.  This is how I found the bronze beetle many years ago -
with a missing wing, exposing an emerald green body - all metallic.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

NATURE: Hiking....

 Probably one of the most interesting nests I've ever come across -
 this one had its base constructed of a snakeskin.

We left out of our backdoor and into the wildlife refuge - 
nearly 5 hours & 18 miles round trip on foot, we returned
exhausted and Greg ended up with 3 blisters on his foot.
I put my brand new Merrell hiking shoes to the test and
they get an A+.  And yes, that is a small jar of Merlot
up there! ha!  
Sitting with a family of trees...


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ART: A special necklace...

"Berta, Dora & Frieda," Vintage Photo w/Encaustic (necklace)  
I've always loved this extremely small photo of my mother 
(center and about 17 y.o.) with her two sisters on either side.  
It's very enlarged above.  I cut the picture further down to a small postage 
size and glued it to a permanent wood panel.  Sealed it with beeswax  
and specked it with some color.  My aunt Betsy on the left passed
away this August, so this is a way to keep her, my mom and aunt
Frieda close to my heart.... Also, this picture was taken by the
lake where I grew up in Senden, Germany.  It's where I learned how to
swim and ice skate... it's also the first landscape I fell in love with. 

Playing in the studio . . .

 "You can't experiment and be flawless at the same time." -Nick Bantock

Also,,, this is such a precious little book I like to gaze upon.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

ART: Rose in Gold

"Rose in Gold," Tintype Photo w/Encaustic 

This is my first Civil War Tintype photo under encaustic.
I also finally used the gold encaustic block that 
I bought almost 9 months ago in Santa Fe!  

The tintype is already dark, and with a layer or two 
of wax it becomes even more obscure... maybe that's
why I like it...?  I wonder whose sweetheart she was?
I bought her off of Etsy and named her Rose.  Had Greg
 cut a wood panel in the exact shape of the picture.  
She is going into the May exhibit along with many other
portraits/landscapes spanning two centuries.  The wax is 
curing over Rose and many of the others, but these antique 
photos are going to have their shining moment again
in a few months.   

I was thinking today that making art is like giving birth!
You have conceive and push,,, work and labor to create
and name something out of nothing.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

LIFE: Saturday/Sunday and earlier

We got a new sailboat - yup in winter.
Talk about planning for summer... :)
It's a small 13' Zuma - which will let us
splash through Lake Lawtonka next year.
 It was sunny and 54 degrees on Saturday so we
  quickly got the boat wrapped for winter hibernation.

It's 25 degrees and snowing.... 
my backyard & Prairie Hill looks like this today.
Not a day goes by when the deer don't visit. :)
 The post oaks are dropping acorns like crazy for food.
On the Prairie, I would say this was the year of the rabbit and the deer.

Oh yeah, on Wednesday, I felt my second earthquake in Oklahoma.  
It was around 4pm and I was sitting at my work desk 
and felt the wobble under my chair! 
 It was the 4.8 coming down from Kansas.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ART: Encaustic Vintage Portraits

Prairie Girl with Dog, Encaustic Vintage Photo
For some time I've been collecting antique & vintage photos.
I can't resist 'adopting' these whimsical and special people.... 
though it brings a tinge of sadness to think 
these 'orphan' photos end up in antique stores,,, 
and in the hands of strangers. 

In my hands I hope to revive their uniqueness & beauty.
I've been mounting portraits to sized panels and preserving
them with encaustic medium.   

Best Friends, Encaustic Vintage Photo 
 I'm working on an entire series and have an up-coming show
in May of next year.  When I was offered the show from the
gallery I knew exactly what I wanted to exhibit...
So I'm in the midst of the creative search and work
season of this - and I love it so.  

Treasure trove of antique portraits in Austin, TX.
A friend asked me to cover her  parent's portrait
in encaustic. The cross is also under wax.

A beautiful quote by Leigh Hyams:

"I feel strongly that artists are valuable human beings.  Artists are
people keeping the world alive.  Actively using the creative parts
of ourselves affects our value structures and our attitude toward
living a life of integrity in this complicated world.  With all our
tics and mistakes, we are still spots of health on the planet."

Sunday, November 9, 2014

NATURE: Repeat

through the grasses
and into the thick of trees

but today i only
heard a deer move about 
no eye contact

it snorted and moved away 
from my crunching presence

Saturday, November 8, 2014

NATURE: Deer Path

today i entered their grasses and woods
and was rewarded with a long curious gaze

a single doe watched me through the trees
and i counted the moments as magic

our eyes locked,,, until her wild nature
distrusted my form and she disappeared

into the forest 
 trees taking her in

~        ~        ~   

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NATURE: Criss-crossings around and over Prairie Hill

I followed animal paths and hid myself in tree cover
where I could tell they lay... I mean deer mostly.
 In a hushed sanctuary of cedar and oaks I found the
 tiny empty nest... I could not resist,,, 
and collected some bright things to place inside - this 
wee arrangement now sits on the window sill.

On another note, this is the third year in a row that Zody has
scraped an eyeball on a dead grass or stem...
I took him on the shortest walk after my trek
and that's when it happened.  A small fortune seems
 to be spent at the vet just on this every "winter," 
but I'm  glad his little eyes can be healed.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Buttermilk has been my best purchase this week!
And cooler weather brings out the baker in me.  The
cinnamon rolls and Irish Soda Farls were both 
made with buttermilk.  The Irish Farls are
 cooked in a cast-iron skillet on the stove top. 
 With pure Irish butter melting down it was pure manna. 

Happy Sunday to you!!