Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cotton and Road trip


Cotton, cotton, cotton
To the left and to the right, miles of cotton
Looks like snow because it's winter
But the sun is shining on the fields
It's hanging in the trees and littering the highways
Town after town, from Oklahoma to Texas
Packed like giant loaves of bread and branded KH88
Cotton, bloomin' cotton

Road trip

Ever been on a road trip
along a highway
in the middle of nowhere
and you almost expect
the alien spaceship to land
and take you,
that cow 
and the scavenger bird
as an earth souvenir?

(We went on a marathon road trip and I will be sharing more in the next post.)   
I wish you a year of amazement!


  1. I'm afraid to say, I've been on more of those trips than I can shake a cotton pickin' stick at!
    Those images are excellent. Especially the loaves. That is crazy! I love cotton. I take it for granted. After seeing this, it is all so clear to me now, the work, the process, it's quite amazing, really.
    Can't wait for chapter 2.

  2. love cotton. truly do.
    for years we had a dry cotton plant in a vase in our living room, little cotton balls still attached.

    can't wait to read the next post, and see the photos!!


  3. Oh, that were me t-shirts before they became t-shirts?


    Hope you had a great time!