Sunday, January 4, 2015


"Walk on Water" miniature encaustic collage

It's on my heart to share some posts this year on health/wellness related "discoveries."  
Not in a preachy fashion, but because HEALING is something close to my heart, and it's
a journey that not only I, but all of us have to travel...

2014 was a difficult year for me, but instead of dwelling on it I choose to fly on my
faith and DECLARE that God works all things together for my good. Always.  This has
been His pattern in my entire life - and it's one of the tangible ways that lets me know He is real.
 Two major things which happened.  I had to take a highly toxic treatment for 6 months.
It wreaked havoc mentally & physically. The other blow in early 2014, was the death of my father.
  It was very complicated and painful, as anyone of you would know if you've lost a loved one.    
But , , ,  the pain from last year is redeemable. 

I started yoga (yay!!!). But that's not what I want to share today.
I mention it because  'Yoga with Adriene'  is awesome 
and I had latched on to her word Fearless . . . 
However, yesterday I found my own Word,
it slipped into my spirit, into my fiber - and it fits,
so I declare my Word for 2015 is
Do you have an anchor or banner word for 2015?
~       ~       ~

And Now About Dog Health

 Sunny spot today ...

I received Zody's annual vaccine reminder from the vet,
and frankly Veterinary Clinics over-vaccinate.
I'm looking over the reminder and I'm only going to get the bare ones
needed according to an article I read from a holistic vet's viewpoint.

My little guy is probably approaching 9 and he is super healthy. 
He was found running in a neighborhood and ended up with me
in 2008.  He was skin and bones and the vet thought he was
about 1 year old back then.  He now rules an empire and I'm
his chef who mostly cooks free-range chicken for him.  He runs
from canned dog food!  I've created a little monster!
Some other things I feed Zody include:  
Rice, oats, eggs, Kefir, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli,
apples, bananas, & watermelon.  When we have salmon or
beef, he gets his portion of course.  I also give him chia seeds
and ground flax.  I've read that dogs can also eat cranberries,
celery, cantaloupe, spinach, green beans, oranges, pumpkin,
coconut and ground almonds.     

I've researched the best dried dog food, and found Orijen 
to be the best.  It's made in Canada.

May your pets be healthy and happy this year too!


  1. Yoga is centering, freeing and brings my mind back to a more quiet place.
    Hip openers are essential in my daily short program. As is meditation, even if only for five minutes per day.
    Breathe baby, BREATHE!!!
    Here's to good health and good thoughts this new beginning. Which also makes me wonder, now that it's no longer the year of the Horse (that went way too fast!) I wonder what animal we're looking at? Do you know?

    1. I just looked it up - the year of the sheep begins February 19th. That makes me quite happy!

  2. Yeah, me too! It includes GOATS. :)

  3. i'm with you on prayer and healing.
    it runs so deep with me. i'd love to talk to you about it sometime….

    love your little "walk on water" encaustic….it's perfect.


    1. I'm interested. :) So deep,,, wrapped into our core. :)

  4. Free... a great word for your year, Sandra! I am in the midst of winter dreaming, so tomorrow, when I begin some writing, I think I'll try to land on a word, too. Thanks and many little Zody! I have two vets, one conventional, one alternative. Luckily, the conventional vet is actually somewhat non-so and believes that older animals have had all the vaccines they need. She stopped vaccinating Pasha in his elder years.

    1. Ah winter dreaming , , , this will be good. :) Very good, that the conventional vet is on board. :)

    2. My words came to me yesterday... Dare to dream - about really stating what I truly desire. Thanks for the inspiration!