Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In Plume

"In Plume"  Vintage Photo, Encaustic & Feathers
This little lady will be in my May exhibit.  
I plucked a few tiny feathers from the female bunting
that hit the window last summer.  The bunting buried
and tangled with winter roots in the back yard...

"Girls, Pearls, and a Train"  Antique Photo, Encaustic, Pearls & Grass
I've been working on several of these 'found photos'  
and am quite happy with the results.
 My friend noticed the train behind these gals!  
Some of these photos require magnifying glasses to catch
the details, the narrative.  It almost looks like dead sumac
behind them - could these be Oklahoma gals?
Anyway, they sure look happy and I love their warm coats.

A thought about January: 
 A month to strike, plow, dig deep, and give,,, 
and then just wait and see how the rest 
 of the months will yield their goodness to you.


  1. They could be chicks from Oklahoma! Or, by the looks of their thick coats, they might be Wyoming prairie gals! ;)
    I love that there is a train in the background!!
    All of these are so perfect. You really have fun, don't you, little artist queen.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful art!
    Keep up the wonderful artwork!