Saturday, January 17, 2015

New American Gothic

"New American Gothic"  
Found Photo, Cameo and Encaustic on Wood Panel

I went nuts when I found this picture.
I knew exactly what small twist I would add...
the cameo, in my possession for the last 25 years.

Was this couple jesting on American Gothic?
Or were they really just posing in front of their house?
Either way, just look at them, much happier than the
famous version.  Notice the details - polka dot curtains.

ART is WORK and it is PLAY.


  1. Yeah! This is curious. So many questions! WERE THEY POSING? Who took the picture? What is dangling from the mans belt loop. At first I thought it was a watch. He's got elastic around his arm? That broom and dustpan. And it's obviously windy!
    Extraordinary art idea, San! :)

  2. And I love your banner pic!!! Truly.

  3. great photo, especially with the addition of the cameo!
    life was so easy back then. hard, difficult, yet easy.

    and, yes, that new banner photo….

    1. Larger than life cameo - hee hee.