Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

A beautiful locale in the Texas panhandle
So just this week we went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. 
It's a 14 hour drive from our location in southwest Oklahoma to 
the Arizona canyon.  Greg & I are the best travel companions
which always makes our vacations or road trips fun and exciting.   

We were stopped by a cop in a small Texas town called Dimmitt (lol)
for going 4 miles over the speed limit, even though Greg faithfully
puts the cruise control on 75.... that's all I'll say, though I was
thankful that we only received a 'warning' from the good officer. 

Just as we crossed over from New Mexico into the Arizona
border, the sun set and we ended up driving through this
 beautiful state in the dark.  Greg wanted to see the canyon when 
we finally arrived at 10pm at the village on the rim.
Um, it was frigid and dark, not much to see...    
So we finally crashed in our room at Pinyon Pine lodge.

Senses awake . . . 

Cold sunrise 

Oh the lush plants & trees!
Toughest travel sketch ever attempted - there was so much detail!
See the people on the trail?  Takes two days to reach the very bottom!
See the mules going down?
We walked down into the canyon for a bit, but there was lots of ice on the trail and after I slipped, we went back up! ha

A camera picture or even the most beautiful painting could never do justice to what your eyes 
and other senses take in as you contemplate the depth, breadth and age of the canyon!

If you've never visited this wonder, you really should put it on your places to see!
We stayed in the Grand Canyon Village, which is host to lodges, cabins, shops, restaurants, 
grocery store, laundromat, post office, bank, church, cafes, and on and on.....
lookouts, driveway points, walkways along the rim, trails - every possible cool
thing you could want or need is here to make for an amazing experience at the GC.  

I could only afford a small weaving for my dining table.
Greg's latte and my delicious prickly-pear cordial
Our trip was cut short with a winter storm warning in the forecast.  
Our plans were to drive to Santa Fe for New Year's Eve. 
However, we packed the car around 9pm after a full day 
at the canyon, and started the long journey back home to 
Oklahoma.  We laughed, because once again, we saw
nothing of the Arizona landscape as we drove out 
in dark!  All we saw while there, was the Grand Canyon.  

Oh, how I want to return in the warm season
when all the wildflowers and cacti are in bloom!
I also want to feel the heat.

Sigh, the magic of this canyon will carry me for a while.

"Cadillac Ranch"
One last picture - in Amarillo we saw lots of wrecks on the highway due to snow and
ice.  If you've ever been to Amarillo, you know about the "Cadillac Ranch" next to 
the highway.  Ten old Cadillacs are buried part way in a field and are a free canvas
 for people to spray paint.  We didn't stop this time.

Happy travels to all of you in 2015!


  1. golly, that scenery.
    visiting the grand canyon is on my list.

    and, so good to see your beautiful smiling face….


    1. Thank you, pencil fox. Kindness & hugs!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful road trip! I have such amazing memories of the Grand are right, nothing can quite live up to the actual experience of seeing it ...but your photos come pretty close. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Dimmitt!!! Hilarious!!
    I love love love live love Arizona. Isn't it so beautiful?!
    You know, I want to 'mule' it down someday. Thank you for these amazing shots of the mule train down below!! Looks exhilarating and now I really want to.
    The blankets are gorgeous. Glad you picked a little one up.
    Such a fun road trip. :)

  4. Gorgeous photos! Love how you've captured the warm tones and the cool blue of the sky. Makes me long for a road trip!