Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Peculiar Pet

"A Peculiar Pet," Found Photo, Scorpion & Encaustic on Panel

My next exhibit is going to be very interesting.
Of course I found the baby scorpion in my house.

Almost forgot to share this -
Yesterday on my walk two things of note occurred:
A bird flew by so fast above me that I could hear it cut the air -
swoosh!!!  I looked up to see if something was falling on me.
Also, some kind of UFO ;) flew above me ....
Today I figured out what it was - a drone.
I came across this in case you're interested
in seeing the rugged beauty of the refuge
where I live just on the other side of the fence.

Flying through the wildlife refuge....

Please watch to the end,,, the granite boulders are a sight!


  1. great sense of humour and the absurd.

  2. wow, stunning view from above!
    Good luck with your exhibition! I bet the little scorpion did not imagine to end like that one day;)

  3. Scorpions! When I lived in Tucson I remember "checking my shoes" every day to make sure there were no scorpions hiding inside.
    Looking forward to your exhibit.