Friday, February 27, 2015

Kissed by the snow angel....

I think Francis was kissed by a snow angel today!
And how about his cap!?

 When I let Zody out in the back, I spooked a bunch of deer up the hill! 
They look like leaves, but you can see them in the middle of the picture.

The backyard....

 As we went to get our mail, this is what the cute 
Medicine Park shops looked like...

February is just about gone and I'm titling the month 
"Partly Sunny and Partly Snowy"
We had beautiful warm days then polar winter blasts.  

I'm reconciling the month already:
Cut my hair short
Attended a native plant workshop
Fermented sauerkraut (opening the lid tomorrow)
Greg sent me a singing Valentine
Cooked a few new dishes
Baked my boss a chocolate cake
Made homemade hair sculpting wax and ointments

Rose, Lavender, Peppermint and Frankincense balms cooling

 The most exquisite thing transpired this month.
My heart is understanding things about Abba
 God that my mind cannot grasp.  It's so beautiful
and freeing to feel His love and adoration.
I don't have to do anything to motivate God - 
 I know that I'm the apple of His eye.

That is probably why I encountered a lot of 'random' hearts this month.

Collapsed tea bag
Coffee stain on spoon
Fruit & nut bar
Much love and warmth to all.


  1. Frankie's little cap! That's so funny to me. You remember, I have the same statue. ;)
    The cheery and bright colored little shops remind me of beach cottages in a the tropics. You've seen them.
    So many fun things happened to you in Feb. A singing valentine? Did someone come to your office or at the house and sing you a love song? Oh, that Greg.
    Your balms sound delicious! ;) I love all those oils. Especially frankincense.
    Hugs and hearts to you this weekend. Your snow will probably melt and the deer will come back. Yay!

    1. Yes, yes, yes, how is your Frankie twin? :) A high school choir came to my office to sing and dance "A Crazy Kind of Love." It was so sweet.... he also got me okra seeds - lol. I'm no fun these days - cut chocolate to a bare min. wine too, etc.

      Thinking of you dear.

  2. I love being kissed by snow angels lol - mainly because I am an unabashed snow lover. I love the picture of the coffee stain on the spoon!

    1. I wish I could hand you all this snow... :) I will take sunshine every day. Yeah, the coffee heart was a good one. ha ha.

  3. the balms look most interesting.
    and i love the look of medicine park in the snow.
    francis and his snowcap. it's the best.

    sending you love. x

    1. The 'product' is good for sculpting wax for hair, fingernail or lip balm depending on the scent, or makes a nice perfume like rose. In a double-boiler I combined beeswax, shea butter and jojoba oil - then before it cooled in the containers I added a drop or two of essential oil. It's great stuff. :)