Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oh, Daisy!

 Oh, Daisy!
Found Photo, Found Object and Encaustic on Panel

My February pride and joy. My sweetheart. She is going into my May exhibit
but will be the only piece labeled NFS.  She's priceless to me.  Her adorable, 
beaming, cute, dainty, exuberant, friendly, giggling, howdy-do, infectious, jovial,
kindred, lovely, merry,,,, do you see how I could describe her preciousness from A to Z!?!  

I had to give her a blue jean dress and blonde hair (colored pencil) 
 and a cowboy hat game piece which I found in a Texas Monopoly game.
 The year 1910 was written on the photo.   

Leonardo was very attached to his Mona Lisa painting
and I'm just as attached to my Daisy.  ha ha!

Howdy-do, all?


  1. Sweet potato pie she's adorable, ain't she! Yea, howdy do, Daisy!
    Just can't help but love that girl ( I'd keep her, too.)

  2. miss daisy is so very sweet and quite pretty!
    i believe this is a keeper….