Sunday, March 29, 2015

Before you....

Before you talk, listen.
Before you react, think.
Before you spend, earn.
Before you criticize, wait.
Before you pray, forgive.
Before you quit, try.
-Ernest Hemmingway


  1. Good advice from 'ol Hemmy.
    That looks like ocean waves, but, is it your lake?? I'd be shoreside a lot. Hey, are you guys going to set sail on that lake soon? :)
    The star flowers are extra lovely this year.
    Happy Monday.

  2. The wind makes out Lake Lawtonka like an ocean sometimes! I hope we get to sail very soon, indeed!!! You are close, but that is another prairie lily - called the Funnel Lily. :) Those silly flowers shun dirt and grass and prefer gravel and rocks.

  3. Thank you for this great reminder: exactly what I need these days. Wishing you a beautiful week with plenty of light and beautiful nature to marvel at.